aluminum panels are in for the vnicursal vca. and 2 new 2hp modules are out now(see below).

Vnicursal VCA aluminum panel: $10

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if youre looking to buy a new VI vca, i would hold off for a week or so as a new revision is coming soon. the new vnicursals pots will act as attenuators when voltage is input into the cv jacks. i will also offer the new top pcb(that should be compatible with v3 and v4 mother boards) to past customers when the prototype is figured out.


currently only minimix,svf, vnicursal vca, push vca, and miniatt are in red and black aluminum. all other modules ship with black and white pcb front panels.

Push VCA: 2 independent unity gain dc coupled VCAs with led push button switches to turn channels on and off in 2hp. a mix of both channels is available at the sum. all outs are available simultaneously.great for cv or audio.

aluminum panel. reverse power protected. current consumption +12v @20ma, -12v@ 20ma



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MiniAtt: is a 2hp dual passive summed attenuator with toggle switches to turn each channel on or off. both channels are normalled to the sum. there will be some signal loss at the sum out, as the module is passive. great for cv or audio although the module ships with linear pots.

aluminum panel. passive, does not consume any power.



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Żłob Modular T-shirts are available in medium, large, and xl

they are %100 preshrunk cotton

please put your desired size in the paypal notes


T-Shirt: $12

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I have some new 2hp and 4hp blanks for sale also. they are 1/8″ laser cut acrylic. the designs are based on a turkish carpet motif representing ram horns: a symbol of power…

Blanks are 1/8″ thick laser cut acrylic

2hp blank:$2.50

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4hp blank:$3

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