Żłob Modular(pronounced Zwob, with an inflection on the Ż like the g in “mirage”) is a Chicago, Illinois based Eurorack manufacturer specializing in analog modular synthesizers.
As an artist and musician, rather than an engineer, Żłob creates elaborate looking utility modules that don’t sacrifice quality or ergonomics for size and functionality. Based on a fascination rooted in geometry, tessellations, fractals, and Turkish carpet motifs, Żłob designs each module/panel to be a unique work of art.
All modules are created for personal use first and then offered as hand-soldered modules, DIY kits, and PCBs. Żłob is Keven Michael-Onur Kalaycıoğlu-Żłobnicki.
Modules/orders are designed, hand-soldered/assembled, tested/calibrated, packed, and shipped mainly by one person(me). So, please be patient with orders as almost all products are made to order.


For any inquiries concerning modules, orders, diy support. Don’t get discouraged if i don’t answer your email right away. Sometimes i get a lot of emails and get behind. You can also email me again if I haven’t answered it within a week.

zlobmodular at gmail dot com

also active on the forum muffwiggler name = Onurkalaycioglu