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Dual VCA

dual summed voltage controlled amplifier




The Dual VCA is a 2 channel DC coupled OTA(LM13700) linear VCA based on the same fabled design of the VnIcursal VCA. The 2 VCAs are summed together so it can be used as a voltage controlled mixer or all 3 outs can be used separately and simultaneously. 5 volts into the CV in will provide unity gain, anything above 5 volts can clip the input.

  • Width: 2hp
  • Panel Material: Aluminum PCB
  • Reverse Power Protected
  • Current Consumption: +12v: 15mA , -12v: -15mA
  • Depth: 50 mm
  • Ships with M3 black nylon screws
  • Build Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Expandable: no
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