build docs for v5.3


thanks to mr gleeson for updating the docs


the current top pcb version 5.4 requires six 10k resistors, solder those first.

BOM for VnIcursal version 5.3/5.4


For trimming you can get all scientific on it and measure the db. But I just put something like a saw in the input with the panel control at full ccw(counter clockwise)and plug the out to whatever mixer/amp chain you work with and then turn the trim on the pcb to the left/ccw until the vca is silent. If your vca is silent from the get go then good and move on and repeat for each channel.

But keep in mind this could be adding negative offset into the gain structure if you trim too much. Resulting in a sort of strange slope/gain when injecting positive cv.

So I guess you can also experiment with different configurations of offset for + or – voltage, as now there are pcb and panel controls doing relatively the same thing.