Discontinued Currently(see MinEq)


T.H. EQ: 4hp 3 band EQ

The Zlob Modular T.H. EQ is a simple 3 band equalizer which boosts or cuts the low, mid, or high frequencies of your audio source.  It passes sound relatively un-altered with each band set at noon. This is not a filter, and full cut settings of all bands will not fully eliminate your source.This EQ is AC coupled so it’s best for audio although it’s possible to eq cv with some interesting results.

Skiff friendlyReverse power protected.

panel is made of laser cut acrylic. based on a Thomas Henry design

Current Consumption: +12v: 7mA , -12v: 5mA. no more than 10mA each rail

Discontinued Currently(see MinEq)

MSRP: $70

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