Mouser Part #s

so these are some important mouser part numbers. many of these parts are used in all of or many of my designs.

first, i use xicon 1/4watt 5% resistors. the part numbers for different values are pretty straight forward…for example.




for 1% resistors tayda is the cheapest especially if you use one of their monthly coupons(check their facebook) they only come in cut tape though.

for bulk(loose resistors) 1% i buy from mouser

i usually buy yageo, but unfortunately the mouser #s arent as straight forward. they use something like this for 7.5k for example, then you change the end…


xicon 1% are slightly cheaper(but 50ppm) and have a simpler mouser # and follow a similar formula to the 5%.


for caps i use vishay mlccs . 0.01 is used in every design for ic/power filtering purposes as maestro henry does it. also 10pf, 0.001uf, 0.1uf, and 330pf are common values used in my modules. these are the small profile/package type(besides mr wima) that i use in all builds.

10pf: 594-K100J15C0GF5TL2


0.001uf: 594-K102K15X7RH53L2

0.01uf: 594-K103K15X7RF5UL2

0.01uf(wima polypropylene for entropy):505-MKP2F021001BJI00

0.1uf: 594-K104K15X7RF53L2

small 10uf for VI vca and minimix: 647-USR1E100MDD

other than that a customer did make some mouser carts and posted them on muffs in my zlob threads. he made one for the rev3 vnicursal vca(which is slightly dated as its onto rev4 now) and the svf and clk dv. i havent gone through them 100% but they seemed mostly right.